The online store “AmirMeds” offers you to buy medical clothing and clothing for the beauty sector from high-quality Turkish fabric with a high cotton content and high density. Therefore, “the skin breathes” and it is comfortable to work in it. Clothing made from this fabric is durable, retains color well, is easy to wash and hardly wrinkles.

We offer models of medical uniforms made from good materials. This is not only a comfortable fit, soft fabric cuffs and gentle tactile sensations. This is the mood. Bright prints and rich colors create a relaxed atmosphere and resonate with colleagues and patients. We offer comfortable, atmospheric clothing for all employees of the beauty and medical field.
We follow the latest fashion trends and implement them in medical fashion.

Our range consists of:

  • medical gowns for doctors and nurses;
  • medical dresses for believers;
  • uniform for expectant mothers;
  • trousers and shirts for men.
  • stylish clothing for women workers in the industry
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